Online Gifted Resources!!

This page is dedicated to the online gifted programs and resources we have used, are using, and might use in the future.  This page has links to specific online education programs, gifted support websites, talent searches and email groups.  In addition, I’ve listed the Facebook groups specifically related to gifted that I am a member of.  Many public schools do not inform parents that there are lots of resources for their children nor that there are talent searches their child may be eligible for.  In addition, many home schooling parents are unaware that there are online resources for gifted children and that they do not have to go through their public schools to access them.  This page is intended to help parents find resources to help meet their child’s needs.

Online Gifted Programs:

  • Stanford University’s Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)  Our son loves EPGY.  We started out with the program with a tutor when in 1st grade for a 3 month period.  We were floored at how fast he went.  The program is expensive this route.  However, we found a coop through TPPG and were able to get in much cheaper and for a much longer time.  Now they have changed their format and you can choose tutor version or independent study.  We are doing the independent study route.  DS-8 is currently in 7th grade for Language Arts Writing (LAW), 7th grade for Math, and started their Algebra.  He absolutely loves this program
  • Northwestern University’s Gifted Learning (GLL) Links  We loved our experiences with GLL.  Our son did their family science programs when in Kindergarten and first grade.  The family programs were at a cheaper price than the other programs.  And its only due to price that we’ve not used them for additional classes.  We have them on our radar for AP and Honors High School classes
  • John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY)  CTY is another university gifted program.  They offer the widest selection of classes, but they are expensive.  We have them on our radar for high school classes.  At this time we are only using their Descartes Math Series Program (a CD set for 6th to 8th grade) and receiving their Cogito magazine.  Our son is just starting this program so no review yet.
  • E-gifted  E-gifted is a very interesting on-line gifted program.  They offer monthly classes that are completely online.  They mail you a kit of supplies needed if necessary.  Our son has taken their engineering and structures class.  They also have an on-the-go feature so you would gain access to recordings and materials but not participate in the live class.  Due to schedule conflicts we’ve not been able to do more live classes but are thinking of trying some of their on-the-go classes.  Their classes are affordable.
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted Child (SIG)  SIG offers 8 week online classes as well as other residential summer programs.  We have not participated in any of their programs.  They do have some courses that look interesting to our son but they have minimum age requirements instead of grade levels.  In addition, their classes are expensive.
  • Duke TIP e-studies and  Duke Tip offers summer online programs for students in 7th-12th grade.  The also offer independent study programs for students 4th-12th students.  And, for students that qualify through their talent search they have summer programs on their campus.  Their independent classes are reasonably priced and a couple are on our radar for future use.
  • Athena’s Advanced Academy  Athena’s offers a variety of online classes that range from single 8 week courses, to semester, and year-long.  Given the time length and topics, the prices seem reasonable.  There are several classes that do look interesting to our son and are on our radar for future use.
  • Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Online Classes (GHF)  GHF offers a variety of online courses by semester.  Prices are $30 cheaper if a member.  For our son, there is only one class of interest.  At this time we have not done any of their classes, thus no review.

Talent Searches:

Hoagie’s Gifted ( ) has a great list and break down of talent searches all over the world as well as explanations of the types of tests.  Some states have universities that do their own.  The big three that are often used nationwide are as follows:

  • NUMATS is for grades 3-9 and is through Northwestern University.  They use the EXPLORE, ACT, or SAT pending which grade level.
  • Talent Search CTY is for grades 2-8 through John Hopkins University.  They use the SCAT, SAT, ACT, and SBT pending which grade level.  Our son participated in their talent search with the SCAT and qualified.
  • DUKE TIP is for grades 4th-12th through Duke University.  They use the Explore, ACT, or SAT pending which grade level.

Gifted Support Groups

It is important to find a support group, however this task can be difficult.  Not every school district has a gifted parent support group or a SENG group.  Those who are homeschooling may find it even harder because some home school groups are not friendly to the term gifted.  In fact some home school co-ops are age based grouping just as in the public schooling.  However, some home school groups are willing to be more flexible.  We have been extremely fortunate to find places that do grade level functioning grouping and mixed age grouping.  Whether homeschooling or staying in a public school, it is important to find support.  The following will be lists of Facebook groups, websites, and email forums that I have found to be extremely helpful.

Gifted Facebook Groups:

The gifted Facebook groups that I have found for gifted families are all closed groups.  There are also lots of gifted Facebook pages out there but the groups offer more support and opportunity for discussions.  I will only be listing the groups I belong to.  I am sure there are more out there but these have been beneficial for our family:

  • PG Retreat Private
  • Highly Gifted+NZ and Around the World
  • Homeschool/Online Schooling with Gifted/2e Students
  • NAGC – National Association for Gifted Children
  • Families with Gifted/2e Kids
  • Mary’s gifted contacts

Gifted Email Groups (aka mailing lists):

  • Gifted Homeschool Forum is a yahoo group based email forum.  Membership is not required to be on the mailing list.  I find their email lists one of the more active ones.
  • Tag Families of Gifted & Talented Youth  has 3 separate email lists pending whether your child is in a traditional school or not.  Membership is not required to join any of the mailing lists.  We are in 2 of the 3 lists.
  • PG Retreat is a email list strictly for members of PG Retreat.  You must apply for membership.  PG Retreat offers yearly retreats for families of profoundly gifted students.  We are new members to this group and are hoping to make it to a retreat.  They have both a private Facebook Group and email list for their members.  I have gained valuable information and support from these families.
  • Texas Parents of Profoundly Gifted (TPPG) is yahoo group based email forum and gatherings for their members.  You must apply for membership.  TPPG was our first gifted group we joined and has been a wealth of support and information for our family.  We have found other PG families in the Houston area through them.

Gifted Support Websites:

The are lots of different websites out there on gifted education.  The ones I chose to list are due to the resources they offer to parents of both public school and home school families.  Some of the websites have even more links listed there.

  • Hoagie’s Gifted Education Page  is loaded with tons of resources.  They have links for explaining what giftedness is, lists of various social media groups, links to conferences, information for parents, and information for educators.  This is usually one of the first links I refer to those newbies to the world of gifted education.
  • Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) is a great resource for finding research and webinars on the emotional needs of gifted learners.  SENG has online parent groups and if you are lucky enough there might be a SENG Model Parent Group at your school district.  SENG is very welcoming so you can attend a SENG group in another school district if yours does not have one and homeschool parents can also attend.  Unfortunately for us, the nearest one is about a 45 minute drive without traffic.  However, their online resources have been helpful.
  • National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC)  puts on gifted conferences and has publications available.  They are targeting parents, educators, administrators, and universities.  Their gifted children’s bill of rights is a favorite handout to share.  And, from here you can find your state’s organization.
  • Open Education Database (OED) is an extensive list of links for parents of gifted learners.  They have links to groups, organizations, twitter, Facebook, and articles that have to deal with gifted children.
  • Prufrock Press has a free e-newsletter you can subscribe to.  They run a blog and podcasts on gifted education.  And, they have a bookstore for teaching professional development, classroom materials, and parenting resources.


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