Homeschooling high school is allowing us great flexibility in subjects and order for meeting high school requirements.  English 1 was a massive and in-depth poetry study.  English 2: Essentials In Writing is heavily focussed on grammar,  vocabulary development, and the actual writing process.  We are not done with all aspects.  Here is our resource list:


  • Essentials in Writing: Where Students Learn to Write by Matthew Stephens is a DVD and workbook based year-long curriculum (completed). 


Videos Used:

  • Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write About Anything by Great Courses
  • The History of the English Language by The Great Courses


Workbooks Used:

  • Literature and Creative Writing by School of Tomorrow
  • Experiences with Writing Styles by Steck-Vaughn
  • Advanced Academic Writing I byMichael Clay Thompson
  • Caesar’s English I: Ce Parts 1 & 2 by Michael Clay Thompson, Myriam Borges Thompson, and Thomas Milton Kemnitz
  • Practice Voyage by Michael Clay Thompson
  • Editor in Chief Level 2 by Michael Baker & Critical Thinking Co
  • If They Can Argue Well, They Can Write Well by Dr. Bill McBride
  • Use It! Don’t Lose it! By Amy Carlon & Jill Norris
  • Building Writing Skills: Essential Tips & Techniques by Noreen Conte & Critical Thinking Co.
  • Editor in Chief Level 3 by Carrie Beckwith, Cheryl Block, Linda Borla, Gaier Dietrich, Margaret Hockett, and David White & Critical Thinking Co.
  • The WORD within the WORD by Michael Clay Thompson & Thomas Milton Kemnitz
  • Writing Logically, Thinking Critically by Sheila Cooper & Rosemary Patton


Resource Books Used:

  • Eats, Shoots, & Leaves: Why Commas Really Do Make a Difference! by Lynne Truss
  • Essay Writing for High School Students by Newsweek Education Program Guide for Teens
  • College Essay Essentials by Ethan Sawyer
  • Escape Essay Hell by Janine Robinson


Online Programs Used:

  • SAT Reading & Writing Practice by Khan Academy
  • ACT Rapid Review Reading & Writing by Kaplan
  • Membean (still working through SAT vocabulary section)
  • Zinc Reading Labs (still working through all high school articles)
  • Readworks (completed all high school level articles)
  • Words & Their Stories (completed all 6 levels)
  • Khan Academy Grammar (completed all 10 areas)