Flexibility in curriculum and supplemental materials is a huge plus to homeschooling.  Thus, we used significantly more materials to cover geometry than what is typically used.   We used multiple online programs because they used different instruction styles, different sequences, and had different ways of solving some of the problems because of the different country of origin.  Khan Academy is from the USA.  Knowre is a joint Candian and American venture.  Mathletics started in Australia and the UK and has spread to Europe and the USA.  It is important to understand that there is more than one way to solve a problem and have exposure to instruction styles of other countries.  We had a couple traditional textbooks for supplemental purposes.  We used other non-traditional books and videos too.  The following is a list of our resources for high school Geometry.

Online Programs:

  • Mathletics Geometry (100% completed, 92.9% mastery of 114 skill areas)
  • Knowre Geometry (100 % completed, 98 % mastery of 71 units)
  • Khan Academy Basic Geometry (100% Completed 98% mastery of 112 skill areas)
  • Khan Academy High School Geometry (110 skill areas, 100% attempted and 96% mastered under the old system, 98% mastered under the new system)

Books Used:

  • The Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics by John Daintith and R.D. Nelson
  • Zome Geometry: Hands-on Learning with Zome Models by George W. Hart & Henri Picciotto (Used with Zometool Pieces)
  • Murderous Maths (10 book set) by Kjartan Poskitt
  • Mathematics Enhancement Programme Demonstration Project Pupil Text (4 book series for GCSE test prep: 1-6, 7-12, 13-19, & 20) by CIMT University of Plymouth.  (This is the UK math system and presents problems very differently than the US. The project practice books all have answers online. They are used for students to prep for their A-Level exams)
  • Geometry by Ron Larson, Laurie, Boswell, and Lee Stiff
  • Geometry by  Ray Jurgensen, Richard Brown, and John Jurgensen
  • Dr. Math Introduces Geometry by The Math Forum at Drexel University
  • Dr. Math Presents More Geometry by The Math Forum at Drexel University

Videos Used:

  • The Code by Athena and the Creators of The Story of Math
  • Geometry by  Standard Deviants
  • Geometry the Complete Course: Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres by TMW Media Group
  • Geometry the Complete Course: Prisms, Pyramids, and Polyhedra by TMW Media Group
  • Geometry: Figuring Out the Area by Standard Deviants
  • Geometry The Complete Course: The Area of Polygons by TMW Media Group
  • Geometry the Complete Course: The Logic of Constructions Through Applied Theorems by TMW Media Group
  • Geometry the Complete Course: Inductive Reasoning & Deductive Reasoning by TMW Media Group
  • Geometry the Complete Course: Fundamental Geometric Concepts by TMW Media Group