Our son is partaking in a semester-long introduction photography class for teens at the Houston Center for Photography.  To build upon these lessons and increase understanding of the art of photography we have supplemented the class to make it worth high school credit.

Here are the resources we used to go above and beyond the in-person class:


  • Fundamentals of Photography (Great Courses) – 24 college level lectures
  • Masters of Photography (Great Courses) – 24 college level lectures


  • Photography by Annie Buckley
  • Introduction to Photography: A Visual Guide to the Essential Skills of Photography by Mark Galer
  • Make it Work: Photography by Andrew Haslam & Kathryn Senior
  • Click Click Click! Photography for Children by George Sullivan
  • Digital Camera School: The Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Great Pictures by Ben Hawkins

Museums Visited:

  • Houston Center for Photography
  • The Museum of Fine Arts Houston
  • Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
  • Lawndale Art Center
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Moody Center for the Arts
  • Station Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Diverse Works