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Big History Project is a type of world history course available online with a year-long plan to cover a big picture look at the world from the origin of the universe to now and thinking about the future.  It is available online for access to lesson plans and video clips.  It has a curriculum guide for making it a one-year history course.   And, it could be used as a multi-year course for middle or high school depending on which curriculum guide you follow and if you choose to only do portions.  Supplemental material and an additional online program were also used. We will be doing another more traditional world history course via the Great Courses in the future.

Online Programs Used:

  • Big History Project (official program)
  • Big Picture History (12 classes from History at Our House)

Books Used:

  • Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present by Cynthia Stokes Brown
  • Horrible Histories boxed set (20 books)
  • National Geographic Explorer Collection Series (20 books)
  • National Geographic’s The Global Issues Series (12 books)

Videos Used:

  • How We Got To Now: The History and Power of Great Ideas by PBS (2 disc series)
  • Big History by the History Channel (3 disc series)
  • History of the World in Two Hours by the History Channel