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Algebra has been completed.  In order to document how DS received high school credit, I created the following class description.  Unlike traditional high school transcripts, homeschoolers often have class descriptions to document the content covered.

Algebra 1 (1 year High School Credit) Course Description

Online Programs Completed:

  • Knowre (12 chapters with 96% mastery)
  • Mathletics (completed all 240+ lessons with a 91% mastery)
  • Khan Academy (All 711 lessons completed with a 92% mastery)
  • Alcumus (Must sign up to access the problems, but this part is free and it complements the Art of Problem Solving books.  These are not traditional algebra or math problems.  This is not graded)

Textbooks Used and Completed:

  • Groundworks Algebra Puzzles and Problems (More like real life mathematical story puzzles and a fun way of doing algebra.)
  • Dr. Math Explains Algebra (A completely different style of book for explaining algebra.  It is a great complement to any online program or traditional algebra text.)
  • Mathematics Enhancement Programme Demonstration Project Practice Books (This is the UK math system and presents problems very differently than the US.  The project practice books all have answers online.  He enjoys them as they are very different from traditional US math problems.  They are used for students to prep for their A-Level exams)
  • Art of Problem Solving Algebra (This is a highly recommended algebra curriculum for gifted math students.  This curriculum is not used in traditional public schools but in some gifted enrichment programs, home schools, and some private schools.)
  • Beginning & Intermediate Algebra (Found this traditional textbook at half-price books really cheap and the textbook still had the DVD too.  This textbook is by Elayn Martin-Gay.)

Math Videos Used:

Joy of Math The Story of Maths
Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land The Story of One
Solving for X with Bill Nye Power of 10
Schlessinger Media Math for Children Series Vi Hart videos on YouTube
Standard Deviants Algebra Art of Problem Solving

The next step will be for DS to take the CLEP exam to earn college credit in addition to his high school credit.  He is now going to be working on geometry and algebra 2 simultaneously.