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Earlier this year we learned of a new subscription program that involves Arduino called Creation Crate from a fellow homeschooling mom.  We explored her son’s kit and were impressed.  Thus, we ordered one to try with our son because we wanted something he could independently over the summer. My son loved the first kit so much we did the 3-month subscription.

As a parent, I thought the first kit was too easy to build because my son has lots of electronic building experience.  But my son really did enjoy it and loved that he could do it independently.  He needed no assistance until he had code errors.  It was a perfect exercise in learning about debugging.  He needed just a little assistance from his dad and he was back on his own.  So when the 2nd kit came I loved that it did increase in difficulty in the build.  Still, it had very easy to follow directions.  This time, he had the debugging down and needed no assistance.  The third kit was a favorite of my son’s because it came with incomplete directions.  He loved it.  It was just the right level of challenge he needed.  The 4th kid he received also added another level of difficulty, with fill in the blank codes.  This kit has not been finished yet, but will be soon.  However, thanks to Creation Crate my son has been coming up with more Arduino creation ideas on his own.

Creation Crate is definitely a great beginner Arduino teaching kit.  It is perfect for kids with no knowledge and want to learn as well as those with some experience but want to do it independently.  It starts off easy and then each subsequent kit gets a little harder.  Of course, if your child had difficulties there is a way to get assistance.  It teaches both the hardware and software.  You will need to download the free Arduino software.  But, they send you everything you need: breadboard, wires, components, Arduino, etc.  Thus, for a novice with Arduino and electronics, it is the perfect kit.  Once you are finished you can hack it by modifying the code or the hardware.  At the back of the directions, they do give additional challenges.  Of course, you can also use it for something totally different.

Creation Crate is a great starter kit for learning Arduino.  If you want additional resources for learning about Arduino, please check out an earlier blog I wrote called “Arduino & Raspberry Pi for Beginners.”  Creation Crate and Arduino is a really great learning tool for kids, teens, and adults.  Go have fun, make and create!