Our son recently completed his Young Eagles Flight while we were on vacation in Wisconsin to visit extended family.  We chose to have him do his flight in Wisconsin at the Oshkosh EAA Museum and Airventure due to the ease of which we had access to this facility and the fact that that is the home to the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).  We grew up seeing EAA shows and knew that our son should have his first flight there.  He had so much fun that we felt it was important to share about this free and unique experience opportunity.

First, the Young Eagles Program is a free program via the EAA for youth ages 8 to 17.  The Young Eagles Program at EAA Museum  and EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI is daily May through September depending on the weather.  There is a find a flight location, so you can find a Young Eagle Flight anywhere in the US.  You just need to contact the nearest local Young Eagle Coordinator in your state if you cannot make it to Oshkosh, WI.  And they have parent information here

After our son completed his flight he was given a certificate, a log book, and an access code so he could become a student member of the EAA  and access Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course for free.  Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course  is free to Young Eagles after they take their flight and register (saves $200).  Sporty’s is a flight course, training, and test prep program online that students must get through 3 levels of before they can take in-person instruction (must be at least age 12 for this part).  After completing the first three levels you will then be eligible for a free in-flight lesson.  After the first free lesson, you pay for the reminder of your child’s instruction and licensing.  Sporty’s lets your child work towards their private, sport, or recreational license.  And, youth who did their Young Eagle flight get access to this program through age 17 for free.  So, your child can take their young eagle flight now and then decide when they are a teen to start the course.

Again, all of this is free.  The Young Eagle Flights are great for children to get a chance to fly 1-on-1 with a pilot.  They get to ask the pilots any question and they get a very, unique experience.  Flying in a tiny 2-seater is completely different than flying on commercial airlines.  If you are in WI or within driving distance to Oshkosh, WI we highly recommended doing the Young Eagle Flight there and enjoying the museum.  If you are outside of WI, use the find a flight (link up above) to find the nearest pilot.  This is a great opportunity for your child to experience a special flight for free!