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We finally got a chance to test out the Rockwell Adventures Solar System Expedition book.  I had seen it on a couple homeschool FB groups.  It sounded interesting and seemed worth the try.  We bought this book via amazon.  After trying it, I thought I would write a formal review (my first curriculum review).  

First, we really did enjoy it.  Their zappar app works and makes it unique.  The app really does have neat graphics.  And, the interaction with the app makes this better or easier than googling each planet.

Sadly, it is too easy and too short.   Although they claim it takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, DS9 finished everything in 35 minutes.  That is including filling out the table.  Thus, it is too easy for him but we will be sharing with some homeschooling friends.

Finally, for us the book is overpriced.  The book itself is very thin.  It only covers the 8 planets and the sun.  Now there is a cheaper pdf download directly from Stone Oak that may be worthwhile for the average homeschooler.  The sad part is it claims the zapcodes for zappar app only work this school year. That sucks and makes this a much more expensive learning tool if you can only use it for one school year.  We enjoyed it for sure but feel it is overpriced for how little information was there for our son.

For those with more children or classrooms, this would be a fun way to do a planet’s lesson.  The book is definitely a one lesson book.  And, for those just starting to learn about the planets, this is perfect.  However, if you child already knows the planets it is not worth it.  Although they claim for upper elementary.  In my opinion, this is perfect for preschool and early elementary.  It was still fun for our son but way too easy for a child in the upper elementary age range.

To learn more about this book (or cheaper pdf downloadable file) check out their site.