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Over the holidays our son has received a couple lessons in customer service that concluded with follow-through by the companies this week.  The first issue arose on Christmas Day with his Thames & Kosmos Smart Car Robotics Kit.  The second issue arose last week with Little Bits Fork Module.  In both cases, the company answered and surprised us!

With the Thames & Kosmos Smart Car Robotics Kit, the construction was extremely difficult compared to their other kits.  Their directions were clear but the actual assembling of the pieces was hard for our son.  He was almost in tears because they did not connect easily and were leaving marks on his fingers.  Some pieces were larger than the holes they needed to go into and required a lot more force than he was used to for their kits.  So we both started helping him over two days.  However, it even left marks on our fingers.  The worst part of the experience was the app for controlling the car with an apple device wouldn’t work.  No matter what trick we tried, the app crashed.  Thus, to our son the kit was completely useless.  With his help, we  wrote to the company’s product support off their website and on their Youtube channel.  We heard back from the Youtube channel immediately and heard back from product support within a week.  They explained the cause of the app problem.  The iOS9 on iPod and iPhone is not working with the Thames & Kosmos app.  They are working on developing an app update to go along with apple’s newest iOS.  Due to the problems with their app and the difficulty assembling pieces that seemed to be off in their size Thames & Kosmos sent a replacement kit from their remote control line.  And, they indicated they would let us know when the app update is ready.  Well, the new kit arrived today causing great excitement.

With the LittleBits Fork module that was part of a different kit he received for Christmas, it overheated.  Our son was complaining about how hot the bit was and that it was burning his fingers.  I thought that was impossible.  So we got out his digital thermometer and it read 120F.  It was definitely extremely hot to touch and if you held a finger on the bit it could get burned.  I now understood why our son was complaining that the module left a tingling burn feeling after touching.  We contacted LittleBits via customer support on their website that night.  And, we had an email the next day asking additional questions, apologizing for what appeared to be a defective bit, and indicated they will send a replacement.  They asked for the bit that overheated back so their engineers can examine it.  LittleBits has done this once before with the light wire module.  Our son loves that they will give us a report back from the engineers.  So now he is waiting to hear what the engineers say about the overheating fork module.  And again, he learned that LittleBits does follow through with its word.

Given the holidays and having some disappointment over gifts not quite working.  I was relieved that both companies were so quick in responding and coming up with resolutions to problems.  Both companies modeled excellent customer service.  They responded to the issue, inquired further information, provided us with further information, and corrected the situation.  Thus, our son has learned why we continue to support these companies. And, in return we are spreading the word about our good experiences with both Thames & Kosmos and LittleBits.