I am not typically the resolution type of person.  Mostly, I hear people make them but then quit or give up on them rather quickly.  Maybe, I never got into resolutions because it wasn’t done by my parents when I was growing up.  And, I certainly don’t remember media hype over resolutions.  In addition, there was no Facebook to share them on either.  However, this past Sunday we had a substitute pastor who mentioned she doesn’t do resolutions either.  Instead, she does a word for the year.  Her word for the year is “wondering.”  Immediately, this struck me as intriguing.

While discussing this with my son at bedtime, he said he has a word for himself.  His word for the year is “Imagine.”  I loved it right away.  It is quite a perfect word for him.  He said he chose “imagine” because he wants to “imagine all the inventions he could create to make it a better world.”  I am sure other sermons have moved my son or made a connection, but clearly this one did have a lasting impression.  Of course, he asked what my word is.  I told him “explore.”  He thought that was fitting of me.  So maybe instead of resolutions of typical, I will try this word of the year thing.

I do admit to having some goals for the new year such as eating healthier, getting more exercise, and minimizing our footprint.  However, they are really lifestyle changes.  And I found a great list of things to help me called “200 things to throw away” (give to others, recycle, throw out, reuse, etc.).  My son has goals for the new year too.  His goal is to learn surface mount soldering and to finish the pile of projects/kits.  He is pretty determined and persistent, so I think he’ll meet his goals.

In addition to the word for the year.  I am going to “explore” the idea of having a “jar of success.”  I recently saw this idea and fell in love with it.  It is simple too.  Any jar will do.  Then throughout the year, our family can write a little note of some success we accomplished.  And, at the end of the year, we can read them.  However, I think reading them at Thanksgiving might be more meaningful.

So if you are like me and not really into making resolutions, then maybe you want to try a word for the year.  Or, try a jar of success.  Regardless of what you choose to do, Happy New Year!

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