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I am not surprised by the topic my son chose for his persuasive speech he had to write.  As part of his writing work for Mobymax he was given the task of writing a persuasive speech.  It took him seconds to come up with his topic, “Kids Should Solder!”  We told him, if he really did write it on kids learning to solder, we would share it.

Here is what he wrote:

Kids Should Solder! (by our son)

     Do you know any children who want to learn how to solder? Kids can solder! I am a child who has been soldering for a year. Students should be able to solder and use small tools because it teaches hands-on learning, can be safe, and teaches problem-solving.

   Soldering provides hands-on learning. For example, soldering in Kipkay kits, Make kits, or in toys is hands-on. It teaches kids how to fix and build things. When you are soldering, you hold electronic components and you learn how to make various types of solder joints. Soldering allows you to create cool projects with your own hands. 

   Likewise, soldering teaches problem-solving skills. Problem-solving during soldering is important for identifying bad components and errors. Learning how to solder helps you identify the components on a circuit board. Soldering and problem solving can lead to being a creative tinkerer.

   Some people argue that soldering is dangerous for kids. However, soldering is actually very safe. When kids solder, an adult always provides supervision. You must wear safety equipment and follow safety rules. Soldering is safe when you follow the safety procedures.

   In conclusion, children should learn to solder. Safe soldering provides hands-on learning and problem-solving skills. You should get a learn to solder kit for your kids and start soldering!

Maybe some other parents will be inspired to start soldering with their children and start the fun learning adventures that come from tinkering.  Our son started soldering when he was 8. At this year’s Mini Maker Faire he even attended their soldering station.  Every year Houston has had a Mini Maker Faire, there has been a learn to soldering station specifically for kids and adult who have never soldered.  There are also several makerspaces in the Houston area that teach soldering to kids.  

If you want to learn more about soldering or get project ideas, check out the following:

  • Maker Shed (store affiliated with Make magazine that has kits, tools, components, and project ideas) 
  • Kipkay (Store with kits and components as well as a youtube channel with project directions or ideas) 
  • Instructables (1000’s of instructions for various DIY project ideas) 
  • Science Kids has a lesson plan for teaching soldering to kids 

Here are some of the Makerspaces for tinkering and soldering in the Houston area (there are makerspaces all across the world, find one near you):