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Not everyone may have heard of “The Great Courses.”  If you have not, you might want to look into it for your gifted child.  The Great Courses are a series of college-level audio or video courses produced by the Teaching Company.  Lectures are from professors at  ivy league universities and other well-known colleges.  They also have videos from experts at National Geographic, Smithsonian, and the Culinary Institute of America.  They mainly target adult lifelong learners, but they now have a series for high school students too.  They have videos on sciences, math, art, history, music, grammar, and more.  

We happened to come across the “Joy of Math” series by The Great Courses at our public library.  Our son was 8 at the time and he loved it.  He watched every lecture. I knew I found something good.  Sadly, our public library doesn’t have every series that meets his educational need or interest.  However, occasionally great coupon deals are found in our Scientific American magazine.  So when an 80% code came up, we ordered “Understanding Modern Electronics” and the “Secrets of Mental Math” series.  I opted for purchasing the DVD because it came with a book that summarizes the lectures as well as gives problems or project challenges to complete.  For us, it was the right choice.  My son loves both series.  He absolutely enjoys the project challenges from the Understanding Modern Electronics as well as the online circuit simulators he has learned about.

I would have never even considered these videos for children if it was not for the accidental finding that my son loved the “Joy of Math” series and started us down their path.  However, we are now totally hooked on their programs.  The lectures are 20 to 35 minutes in length and the courses have been broken down into 12 to 24 lectures to cover the material.  We know that some of the other courses offered have even more lectures.  My son loves the presentation style and the material being covered.  The lectures contain a significantly higher level of information than any of the K-12 online programs or textbooks we have used.  This gives us another option for getting higher level materials for our son.  

For more information:

Great Courses Plus is a digital subscription streaming service with unlimited access to their digital lectures that can be viewed on various apps on smart devices or on a computer.

Great Courses is the actual store for purchasing individual courses in either audio, DVD, or streaming format.  There are often various videos on sale, but bargain codes for 60%-80% can also be found.  In addition, many public libraries carry some of the video series for borrowing.