It is summertime!   Summertime is the time when we get to do all kinds of reading programs.  For us, there is no worry about summertime slide since we homeschool year round.  Instead, we view the summer reading programs as a chance for our son to be rewarded for the reading he does.  It is also a chance to earn free books.

We live in the Houston area which means there are 3 library systems in which we can participate:

  • Fort Bend County Libraries
  • Harris County Public Library
  • Houston Public Library

There are other programs from stores, many which are nationwide, that we participate in:

For public school kids who attend schools registered there are also reading programs via Pizza Hut, Six Flags, and Scholastic.  Our local minor league baseball team also does a reading program for free game tickets.  This program starts in May and we already went to the game.  The public school students are given the sheets at school, but homeschool families can also participate by going up to the Skeeters stadium.  This is a favorite as we coordinate the game with friends!

Whether it is a summer reading program or not, reading is fundamental!  There are lots of studies documenting the importance of reading to and with your child: vocabulary improvement, listening comprehension improvement, mental stimulation, stress reduction, improved imagination, writing improvement, increased attention, and emotional bonding increases when read to/with parent/caregiver.  In addition to these, reading is free entertainment.

Here are some reading lists if you need book ideas:

Go and read to or with your child every day!