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Our friends in public school are on spring break.  So of course we get questioned, “are you on spring break?”  Well, guess what?  We do spring break too.  We home school year round which gives us flexibility to “take off” when we want to.  In reality, learning occurs all the time and everywhere.  But, when we “take off” we are really just taking a break from formal curriculum and focusing more on experiential learning and field trips.  So in honor of our friends being off we are doing what my son likes to call “home school light” or what I like to call “roadschooling.”

Here is our road schooling spring break schedule:


Taking public school friends to Sugar Land Science Museum


Taking public school friends to Houston Children’s Museum


Going to art camp

Homeschool Robotics Club is still meeting

Piano lesson


Going to A.D. Players Theatre for the play “Alexander and the Horrible No Good Bad Day”


Meeting up at Houston Rodeo and Live Stock Show with public school friends.

Fun Friday for members at Techno Chaos is still on

As you can see, that looks like a fun spring break!  We do take a break from formal curriculum and/or workbook type of activities.  My son will still do his daily writing journal, mathletics, EPGY math, and mobymax.  And of course, he will still do science experiments or mess with his parts collection (taking apart & hacking electronics).  None of these take very long and are his favorite activities. Yes, my son will sometimes ask to do these on the weekend.  Its up to him.  And he really does take apart or construct something daily.  We are not going to stop him from wanting to learn.  Learning is fun!