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We love field trips!  It is one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling.  In public school, our son got to do 2 a year at his charter school.  Our zoned school did only 1.  I remember taking more field trips when I was a child in public school than they do today.  Thus, I love that we get to take so many field trips with our son as homeschoolers!  And, due to frequent field trips, I often use the term roadschooling.  There is a lot that can be learned outside of the 4 walls of a house or traditional school.  Plus some of our field trips are based on our son’s interests.

Here are the field trips we’ve taken in just the past two months (Oct. & Nov. only):

  • NASA Space Center
  • TX A&M Chemistry Festival
  • Houston Zoo
  • Houston Health Museum
  • Techno Chaos
  • Dairy Ashford Roller Rink
  • Houston Contemporary Craft Museum
  • Lots of places on our trip to OK
  • Sam Houston Park for Houston Energy Day
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science & History
  • several restaurants
  • Pool Pro
  • Lesslie’s Pool Supply
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Mars Vacuum Repair
  • several grocery stores
  • our credit union
  • Houston Symphony
  • our church
  • Houston Mini Maker Faire
  • Houston Water Works Educational Center
  • Houston Gem & Mineral Convention
  • Garner State Park
  • Edward Jones
  • piano lessons
  • Discovery Green

I know some will say, that is crazy.  Others will not consider some of the places we go to as field trips.  For our son, some of the oddest places are the best learning places for him (pool shops, vacuum repair shop, home improvement stores, etc) because he is questioning and interacting with staff.  In addition to the odd places the events on college campuses or with engineers are his ultimate favorites.  DS-8 can spend an hour with the owners/managers in technical conversation and he is not afraid to question college students and professors whom he also will engage in technical conversations.  Some of the field trips are also part of science classes we are enrolled in (lots of dissection classes).  I know he couldn’t get such experiences in a traditional school setting.  In fact, thanks the Houston Health Museum and Houston Museum of Natural Science & History our son is getting more dissections than many public high schools offer.  Yes, some of what is counted as field trips are what many think of routine stops (grocery store, credit union, etc.).  However, it is these trips where I can teach real life skills such as properly filling out the deposit slip, calculating price per ounce, price comparison, want versus need, meal planning, etc.  In addition, field trips can be any day of the week and still be educational while having fun.  I also like to call it disguised learning because often its a field trip of fun filled with unplanned or unscripted learning.