We homeschool.  But there is a myth or misnomer that homeschooling is only done at home or that it is like a recreation of public school in the home.  Well, it is not.  Thus, I like to use the phrase roadschooling.  We roadschool at least one day a week and sometimes on weekends too.  Today was a great example of roadschooling…

DS wakes up early.  Sometimes before 6…  So he knows he has books (plumbing, wiring, pool design, robotics, etc.) and magazines (Make, This Old House, consumer reports, etc.) or doing Scratch or Processing if he wakes up too early.  Of course he also can do any of his online homeschool programs (EPGY, Mathletics, Words & Our Stories, etc.).  Its his early morning time, I get a little extra sleep time.  So this morning he does mathletics, words & their stories, and Scratch before breakfast.  Its his choice and no pressure.  Today was field trip day which my son likes to call homeschool light.

Eat breakfast and of course he is reading pool equipment flyers and manual.  While I’m packing snacks, I give him choices of electronics for the road trip.  Pending traffic could be a 2 hour drive.  He chooses the DVD player over devices.  Cool!  And his video choices: How It’s Made Automobile, Stanley Complete Wiring, and Chemistry of Fire–again all his choices.

Leave house at 8 am.  Traffic was light, he is enjoying his video as well as pointing out all the video cameras (TX Dot and toll booth), any LED street or parking lights, solar panels on signs, critiquing cars mufflers for being too loud, critiquing adds on the radio, and loaded with questions as driving over ship channel & past refineries.

Got to Houston Waterworks Education Center at 9:30 for a homeschool group tour.  Awesome place!  Scavenger hunt, interactive displays, group activities, etc!  My son loved it.  He was participating with mostly middle school students.  He was listed as 5th grade but is only 8 years old.  No one questioned it, he fit in, he was happy!

Picnic style lunch and then off to Humble Civic Center (10 minutes away this time) for the Houston Gem & Mineral Show at 1 with same homeschool group.  Lots of fun.  He was given the 5th grade scavenger hunt papers and was happy!  Only one person commented on him being too young for 5th grade.  But, DS answered them and they were impressed.  One family did look at DS like he was working on the wrong sheet until he showed them where the answer was…  He had a 20 minute conversation with one gemologist about his tools.  Another successful event!

Drive home takes a bit longer but same movie selections on the return.  This time combined with 20 questions to me regarding some of the stuff he saw at the waterworks building, his redesign, and ideas for better hand dryers that are not so loud…  Seriously his thinking doesn’t stop!

Given the choice to skip his club time at Techno Chaos or go late.  He chooses go late.  He plays minecraft with other kids.  He loves it, so not surprised by his choice.

Get home around 7.  Picks up conversation from car ride home right where it left off and gives dad full run down on the waterworks plant!  Seriously, his brain doesn’t stop thinking of ideas.  And it amazes us that despite doing other fun activities, he can still pick it up…

Of course bed time takes awhile as he struggles shutting it down.  But having a good conversation with dad about his ideas from the day relaxes him!

Great example of roadschooling!  And an idea of what a road trip with our son is like as well as a day of field-trips (aka roadschooling).  Homeschooling is more than in the home, but rather the greater community and experiential learning.